hellen keller

By: Ms. J

30th Anniversary

2014 Theme: “She’s Deaf-Blind and holds the world in her hands…just like her loved ones.”

“Our eyes and ears provide vital ways of interacting with the world around us. The lilt of laughter, the beat of a brass band, the smile of a friend, and the poetry of a landscape are but a few of the life blessings that our senses of sight and hearing help us to enjoy. But for some 40,000 Americans who can neither see nor hear, the world can be a prison of darkness and silence.

Inadequate education, training, and rehabilitation for those who are deaf and blind may prevent these Americans from becoming independent and self-sufficient, thereby greatly limiting their life potential and imposing a high economic and social cost on the Nation.

We must prevent such problems among our deaf-blind citizens by fostering their independence, creating employment opportunities, and encouraging their contributions to our society.”

Proclamation 5214, 1984


Many know Helen Keller as the deaf and blind woman who overcame these obstacles in her life to regain a sense of normalcy by learning to communicate with others. What many do not know is that she was the first deaf and blind person to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, she traveled to 40+ countries advocating for those who were treated unjustly and received many awards for her humanitarian work. Not only did she communicate through reading and writing, but also through SPEECH!!!

As we become more tech savvy over the years let us make sure to include those who can neither see or hear and as Reagan stated “foster their independence and contribution to society.”

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