Behind her Eyes


By:  Ms. K

The beat and melody plays in the background

She sees everything now

But you don’t notice her

She sees the full effect of falling

Yet you’re not trying to see what is coming

Open your EYES


She is disappearing right in front of you,

But you don’t notice her disappearing

The beating of her heart is slowly fading around you


She wants to hold you,

But you don’t notice her touch

Why don’t you see her?


The fading of reality

The clock is ticking

Yet you’re not ready?


The anticipation of failure is coming

Silence surrounding their unspoken words

You don’t see she is fading


She is so close,

But you don’t see her reality

Hold her, grab her hand before you lose her


Look into her eyes

See her worry

Don’t lose her sight

But you don’t see it


You don’t see what is right in front of you

You must be blind because she is trapped in between your shadow

She wants you


She needs to touch you,

Feel you, and

Hold you,

But you continue to ignore her presence!


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