Miami Swim Week 2014 #wcw

Miami Swim Week 2014
By: Ms.K   & Ms. J

The views expressed by Ms. J is her honest opinion of the night. The views expressed are those solely of Ms. K, viewpoint of the show with no favoritism or bias of any kind. I believe in empowering all women. 

Ms. J says:

Ready, Set, Swim was my first fashion show in Miami and I must say that overall it was an enlightening and interesting experience. First off, the event stated

that it was from 7-11pm but did not start until a little after 8pm which is to be expected. However, the venue was cute but small and seats were only available for the designers and selected media. Did I mention it was outside and the humidity was disgusting? Thankfully, we were able to wait inside of the hotel until the show started. This did put me in a funky mood and I was ready to go before it started.

Thankfully, I stayed and enjoyed the show. For the most part many of the swimsuits were the usual type that you can find anywhere except maybe the pattern was a little different. However, they saved the best for last…Beware Swimwear. I absolutely adored her line. It was so me..original, innovating and exciting. We also did have the opportunity to speak and take pics with her after the show and she was so sweet. The way  Minouche “Mimi” Pericles described her line held a very similar note as to what Rated S is doing with the blog/magazine. To be able to connect with another should I dare say “artist” on that level in the form of swimwear was amazing. Kudos to her!
photo5  photo6 photo8

Check out:


instagram beware_swimwear

Ms.J and Minouche “Mimi” Pericles

Ms. K explains the event in her opinion. 

Miami Swim Week just wrapped this past Sunday. It was the first time I EVER attended a fashion show. I had no idea what to expect from this experience. Rated S attended “Ready, Set, Swim” at the Riviera Hotel this past Saturday. The event was outside, free, and had limited amount of seating. The only real seating was reserved for their VIP (designers and selected media). A lot of people were standing in attendance. If you wanted proper seating you should have arrived early. While waiting for the show a photographer did take Ms.K and Ms. J picture at the event. It was humid, and sticky, waiting for the show to start was not ideal especially without any seating. Instead of waiting outside for the show we went inside for some cool A.C. While waiting we were introduce to Charles Albert a female jewelry designer who had pieces being worn in the Beware Swimwear line. The show started after 8pm it went straight into the three female swim wear designers with no break, or even an introduction of the designer. If you blink your eyes you would have missed the transition. (I am assuming because they started late they wanted to go straight into the show, but an introduction of the designers would have been wonderful.)


The night consisted of three female designers. I had to research the designers after the event because as I stated there was no introduction. I found it odd to have no introduction of the designers. One day these females will be household names, but until then an introduction would have been nice.

The first collection of the night was by Sex Pot Swimwear’s 2015 collection. The designer name unknown, seriously went to the website and it only describe her inspiration for creating Sex Pot Swimwear without including her name. The collection in my opinion was simple, nothing to make me go and buy it, but they still looked good. The inspiration for the line elegant and had an urban feel. It was just not my style.


The second designer Amita Naithani 2015 Resort collection had a nice look to it. Most of the models wore a cover up over the swimwear. The looks was natural I could see myself wearing some of her outfits, it had some pop, but it I  could not remember the collection without looking back at my pictures. I wanted that “wow” factor.

Designer Amita Naithani

20140719_202828 20140719_20314320140719_202946 20140719_203107 20140719_203216

The last designer Minouche “Mimi” Pericles collection Beware Swimwear, had the best look of the night. I could actually remember her line without looking at my photos. Her design just left a lasting memory in my mind. The line was sexy. After the show we had the opportunity to speak and take a picture with her. She created her line to empower women. I wanted to buy, and wear her swimwear. Hopefully her swimwear would go with my body type if not more squats, lunges, and burpees for me.

Ms. K and Minouche “Mimi” Pericle

20140719_203512 20140719_203551 20140719_203954 20140719_204020


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