Encourage Yourself

Encourage Yourself


By: Ms, K


I want to say losing weight is easy, but that will be a lie. There will be moments when you doubt yourself and want to be made over again. Start with a clean slate, but some times you have to encourage yourself. No matter how you feel, have the confidence in your process.


Its not any easy journey, you will doubt yourself, but tell yourself you’re not in a competition with anyone.

You will breakdown, and cry. Just keep encouraging yourself to keep going. I am encouraging you to keep going. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you will reach your goal.


The best is inside of you. Whenever I doubt myself I remind myself that I see the best in me. It does not matter if you feel negative of your process, just keep going. You will hit obstacles in your journey, but make sure to always see the best in yourself. People might doubt your process, you might have negative comments along the way, but at the end of the road you will see change.



You are great; just rejoice in your process. Keep encouraging yourself!

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