Warning: Back 2 School Sale


By: Ms. J

It’s time to go BACK TO SCHOOL!! YAYY!! Some of you may not be as enthusiastic and I am not sure why I am considering I am not in school. I think a wave of nostalgia just hit me as I remember back to school shopping and seeing my friends after a long summer away. For now, I am content to be satisfied with Tax Free shopping and discounted prices on summer clothes. However, as much as I would like to go shopping at every store that states they have a sale, I don’t. Why? Because it’s a scam. Let me explain.

The sales are a marketing ploy to get consumers to buy unnecessary items they do not need because the price is “cheap.” I have fallen for this so many times, where I will buy something because the price is reasonable not because I actually need it, however I will convince myself that I might need it someday. The amount of money that these stores spend on advertising versus consumers buying does not compare. They make more than they spend because they want you to believe that this is the only time and place when you can get these items ridiculously cheap. Furthermore, the government has endorsed this trend by granting “Tax Free” weeks so that everyone can do it all at once. Do you see any mega sales during this “Tax Free” week? Usually not, and if you do its not the same as without the tax free incentive. So what do you do? You go out and buy during the tax free time, but then the official back to school week rolls around with even lower prices so you buy more again.


Pick a week that you feel is the best time factoring how much taxes versus discount would be and decide which is the cheaper option

Research and pick a couple of stores within the same area (don’t want to spend too much on transportation either) where you can get the best sales

Make a list and check it twice

Stick the to the list and don’t get sidetracked

Stock up but stay in budget






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