Rated S Sophisticated Diva:Madiha Bhatti


Madiha Bhatti


By: Ms.K

Meet our Sophisticated Diva Madiha Bhatti. Madiha Bhatti is an English and Biology major. She is majoring in Women’s and Gender study. She wants a career in medicine focus on in women’s health.

Madhiha wrote Mu(Sick) Lyrics to address her views on how the music industry conduct toward women. Listen to any song and a woman is being viewed solely by her body. The images shown in the videos only highlight a woman assets, not their intelligent. People always want to say words mean nothing, but words hurt and leave lasting scars. It is not only in male artist rapping these lyrics, but female artist showing more skin to sell music. We all know sex sells, but at what cost does being sexy mean degrading women.

How do you feel about Mu(Sick) Lyrics?

Do you feel she address and issues that woman are facing in today society?

Do you feel woman turn a blind eye from this because its the norm to be seen as sexy?

Do you even listen to the lyrics?

Mu(Sick) Lyrics:
by Madiha Bhatti

So I heard this song the other day
That objectified women in every way
That doesn’t narrow it down much
But it was pretty depraved
The feminists are probably still rolling in their graves
It reduced people to parts, objects to be acquired
Turned hearts and minds into mere things to be desired
And as parts of my body were assessed and sized
I thought,”What a way to be dehumanized,”
These artists seem to be playing a game
Of how many times they call us the wrong name
Cuz I’m not a dime, those come a dozen
No I’m really not interested in all your lovin
I’m not your shawty, hoe, or trick
Your baby, lady, girl or chick
I mean can someone explain to me
How this counts as music? When you
Chant, you pant about windows and walls
Talk about a woman like she’s a thing to be mauled
Oh she got a big booty so you call her Big Booty,
If she had a big brain would you call her at all?
But it seems like I’m the only one appalled
That music can make me feel so small

You may think they’re just words
That doesn’t give them immunity
Words start wars and break spirits
They’re still used with impunity
Just imagine a young girl, smart , funny, well rounded
Walks into a club and finds herself surrounded
By men acting like they’ve got something to collect
They’re just listening to the words
That tell them she’s just an object
And her objections catch in her throat
As she gets harassed unchecked
Treated with disrespect
She’s caught in the middle
And the lady doth protest too little
A few words have made her think she’s brittle
Do you see where I’m going?
It’s not exactly a riddle

I’m saying
Can we turn up the volume, but turn down the noise
Stop polluting the minds of our men and our boys
With all the rude misogyny and bland homogeny
Of rhymes and beats so crude and obsolete
Cuz our ears are bleeding from all these cowards
The time is ours, We are ready to devour
lyrics that make us feel empowered

Yeah I watched a video the other day
Of my girl, Beyonce
She was draped in feathers and furs and things
Exaggerated makeup and big chunky rings
She was dancing in the desert, hair whipping wild
And I thought to myself
What does this look like to a child?
To see a woman belt about her power
While thrusting her hips to and fro
How will she know she can wear the pants in the house
When her idol doesn’t wear them in a video?
I mean on so many levels it makes me go ballistic
That we’ve consented to be portrayed as animalistic
Cuz one hand you’re exotic, you’re fierce, do no wrong,
On the other you’re a female dog in every song
I don’t want to be serenaded by my individual parts
Unless you can look past the flesh and talk about hearts
I mean does anyone even know that Beyonce’s smart?
Cuz “If she was a boy,” even just for a day
She wouldn’t have to crawl on all fours just to crawl up the charts
Or shed those fine furs
To grace a few album covers
Does her husband have that problem?
Apparently he’s got 99 others

And it sounds dramatic; maybe my skin should be tougher
But consider the history of women of color
Not valued as wives, or sisters or mothers
But used by men as unwilling lovers
When you think of the slaves who were used like instruments
You realize that society is progressing by mere increments
Just imagine the bodies covered in raw welts
And tell me it’s okay when black women are dressed in animal pelts
All those women who paid with their bodies to survive
200 years later are portrayed as sex-crazed and deprived
Please forgive me if I think music needs to be revived

I mean
Can we turn up the volume, but turn down the noise
Stop polluting the minds of our men and our boys
With all the rude misogyny and bland homogeny
Of rhymes and beats so crude and obsolete
Cuz our ears are bleeding from all these cowards
The time is ours, We are ready to devour
Lyrics that make us feel empowered

So I heard a song that caused me pain
The words were bordering inhumane
Cuz I’m not accustomed to boys yelling at me
Never had to face boys telling me to
Smack that, shake that, beat that up
These aren’t the ideas of love with which I grew up
Maybe the whole concept is new to me
But then he started whispering what he’d do to me
In a place where no one else could see
Without even asking if I’d agree
And I really had to strain to hear
The words came fast and disappeared
They were drowned out by good music, I’m not gonna lie
Cuz good beats are the noise behind which singers hide
As they beat a woman up inside
It’s easy to do once we’ve been demonized
And the devil’s greatest aid is my greatest frustration
It’s the most common appellation
To sweep the nation
Rhymes with witch
I’ll leave it to your imagination
And you may think there’s no correlation

But when a man loves a woman who won’t love him back
What if his first instinct is to attack
He’s got lyrics and blood pounding in his ears
And a helpless women faces her worst fears
She’s smacked, shaken, beaten, torn apart
Against all odds his bites as bad as his bark
He causes the kind of pain that leaves a mark
And before he leaves he turns to say his parting word
It’s on the tip of his tongue, comes out unslurred
Might have been left unsaid if it had been left unheard
But its been programmed he doesn’t twich
As his mouth fills with venom and he spits out

What can she do, to ease her strife?
Every song on the radio is the soundtrack to her life

So can we turn up the volume, but turn down the noise
Stop polluting the minds of our men and our boys
With all the rude misogyny and bland homogeny
Of rhymes and beats so crude and obsolete
Cuz our ears are bleeding from all these cowards
The time is ours, We are ready to devour
Lyrics that make us feel empowered
I know it’s a steep mountain to climb,
It might take a while, but until that time
I think I’d rather just spit my own rhymes

4 thoughts on “Rated S Sophisticated Diva:Madiha Bhatti

  1. I pray you do well in your studies, and I’m glad you did this “Mu(sick)” video, I would like to see it go viral and touch the hearts and minds of everyone who watches it….God made women to be a compliment and equal partner with men, but the enemy of all our souls has twisted the minds of people to demean women and in so doing has taken away the protective status of man (which God intended for affection for women), and evil is seen in the media as something cool……But there will come a day when God will put things right again and what is good and pure will be reigning over all. God bless you!

    1. Thanks for appreciating the selection of “Mu(sick)” video. Her message speaks volumes because it brings the awareness to the lyrics that most people ignore or start to accept because of society norms. We should all be valued and respected.

  2. A much needed and long over-due redress to the abusive and ugly language of SOME rappers, and overtly sexualized images of girls and women in media and entertainment venues. Yes, I always listen to lyrics, as I also write, so cannot just “hum along” to any old shite that the airwaves promote. This poem really needs to be heard and go viral, and I wish this young woman great success with ALL of her goals. We need women of power, UNAFRAID to speak up in this eloquent, truthful way, and to call-out this brutal atmosphere that objectifies girls and women, and gives permission to misogynistic thinking in boys & men, worldwide, these days. Stand up for your rights!

    1. That is so true. Her message is powerful and she is speaking the truth. We live in a society that make it acceptable to be disrespectful to women in so many different levels. We do need to stand up for our rights.

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