Working out and Working

Working out and Working


By: Ms. K

Last year I was  motivated to workout and get in shape. I found time to workout in my busy schedule was it easy, no. Now after a yr of only going to grad school full-time I am back into the work field. Now I need to find balance between working out, going to school, and working.

I know a lot of people complain that its hard finding time to workout while having a busy schedule. I have no idea how I am going to handle everything my life is slowly changing each and everyday. I try to stay positive and focus on my goals. I want to stay fit and not slip back into old habits, of making excuses for not working out. Its very easy slowly stop working out because we are jam pack with work.

I am going to make a schedule to keep my progress in shape. I am going to continue with my motivational quotes to make sure I don’t lose focus and get of track. I know its going to be difficult, juggling everything, but I can do it.

I know some of my tips will be:

1. Make your workout count: its not going to be maybe a 2 hr workout it might just be 30 minutes each day or twice a day.

2. Be flexible: You might have to rearrange your normal workout to make it work for your schedule.

3. High Intensity Interval training (HIIT): I wrote about the tips for this last week.

4. Make exercise a priority.

5. Might have to set an early alarm time.

6. Find ways to workout at work

Share some of your workout schedules while working a full time job, going to grad school, or having a busy life.

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