College Refund Check


By: Ms. J

It’s about that time of the year, where you started your first day classes and within a couple weeks your expecting the payout. You know what I mean, your “REFUND CHECK” !!! Cha-Ching.

The logical choice a person would make is to return the portion of money that is not needed for that semester, especially if you have a job to pay your bills. Most people I know including myself are not that logical and thus would use it for other purposes; some good and some bad. Just remember that this is not free and you will have to pay it back eventually with lots of interest.

If you are using it for a positive reason then of course go ahead with caution. For instance, I saved a portion of my refund check to move to Miami to start my career. It worked for me and the best decision that I made with it. Others may need to use it to pay some bills or use it as survival money. However, if you are using this money to party, go shopping or live a lifestyle that you would not be able to afford otherwise, I would suggest that you rethink your actions. You do not want to be plagued with this debt for years to come and cannot remember what you did with the money.

Use your money wisely and think about your future.

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