What is Intimacy?

What is Intimacy?


By: Ms. K

What is Intimacy? Different people view intimacy differently. One can view intimacy as a bonding, sharing, becoming intertwine with one person. It can also be seen as a sexual relationship between two people. I’m going on a journey to discover intimacy.

I want to know if intimacy is a feeling? A state of mind? An emotion? A state of a relationship? Or is it just a combination of everything. I crave the understanding of intimacy. I been in love once before but I felt like it was lacking all the forms of intimacy beyond the physical and the comfort. Now I am in love again, but on a different level and platform. The love I have for them is unconditional it has no expiration date. It will never fade away or turn into dust. The stronger their heartbeat gets the stronger my love for them grow.

I am going on a journey to discover intimacy again. Every week  I will share my discovery, from the craving of intimacy, the emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, spiritual intimacy, and repairing my understanding of intimacy.

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