Rated S Trend Alert: Waist Shapers/Trainers and Corsets


By: Ms. J

As the saying goes, “Everything old will become new again.” Fashion is constantly recycled and with the introduction of technology it is increasing. Please note that by no means is Rated S condoning or promoting the use of this trend. This post is a simple observation of what is going on in women’s fashion.

Shape-wear is wonderful undergarment to use when not used in excess. There are different forms of shape-wear but lately waist trainers have been on the rage. Possibly because of endorsements by several celebrities, the quick transformations it provide, the boost in ego and/or the boost in compliments upon wearing it. For starters, this article of clothing has been around for centuries. It gained popularity in the Victorian era and fell out of fashion officially in the 20th century. It was still used afterwards as a medical device for those with spinal or internal problems. Today, waist trainers/corsets are used to achieve the hourglass figure. If your intention is for the look, I would suggest talking to a doctor to ensure that there are no medical repercussions, especially if you are tight-lacing. There are many different types, so doing your research about which one would fit your lifestyle, needs and size are important to consider.

Waist Trainers/Corsets can be worn to permanently cinch your waist or just for a particular outfit, either way consider these pros and cons about it….


1. when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, it can work

2. can improve posture

3. can be permanent over time


1. can be too tight and cause internal injuries/damage

2. discomforting

3. can be permanent over time

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