Staying Relevant-Finance Edition


By: Ms.J

Recently I decided to update my resume, which I have not done since I started my job last year. If you are not keeping a running tab of all the work you do at your job, when it is time to update your resume your mind can draw a blank. I have deduced that updating your resume can be just as hard as starting your resume from scratch. Where do you start? What do you keep or discard? Does this make sense? Am I putting all the critical details of my job ?

Staying relevant by keeping up with your resume, LinkedIn, job boards and other various career oriented internet sites are essential to your growth. As you update these items, many are watching and keeping a running tab of what you are doing. As times change, there may be an opening whether at your company or a new one that may consider you for this opportunity. At some point in your career path you may not need to apply to jobs, but be recruited based on your job profile on these various internet sites. It can be a tedious task but in the long run it can mean more money in your pocket.

Staying relevant is all apart of branding. Branding is not only for celebrities or famous people, it is for everyone. Building your brand allows you to stay relevant in your field. You may become a subject matter expert and/or an essential person in your department. Your brand is not limited to one place but rather you can take it anywhere you go and it speaks for yourself, however you have to let people become aware of it. Essentially, with time and diligence it will have a life of its own.

Stay Relevant !

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