Love Should Not Hurt

Love Should Not Hurt


By: Ms. K

We all want that perfect love story. We want the man who would do anything for us. We want that nursery rhyme ” first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.” We want our lives to fit this perfect puzzle piece. We don’t want the bruises, the verbal insult, the fear, and the tears. The moment when you ask yourself is this LOVE? Can someone love me, but hurt me at the same time. The answer is no!

Love does not hurt, Love does not bleed, Love should not bring fear into your eyes. When a person loves you, they protect you, not hurt you constantly.

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Fighting Breast Cancer with Fitness

Fighting Breast Cancer with Fitness


By: Ms.K

 October is the annual awareness for breast cancer, but its an everyday task for women to remain healthy and aware of their body.  Its never easy being sick and trying to remain healthy, buts its essential. Having breast cancer means fighting everyday for your life. Being healthy is also a constant battle.

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Financing Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer walk

By: Ms. J

Did you know that you can save a life by donating to a breast cancer awareness fund? Throughout the month of October, many organizations will be hosting walks and/or runs to raise money to support this cause. You can participate by attending one in your area. Do it as an individual event or start a team. Advertise what you are doing through social media or word of mouth and ask people to donate to your cause. Even better ask your employer to match your efforts to double your donation.

The funds that are donated:

  • provide free screening tests
  • helps support those who are diagnosed with it
  • research to find a cure
  • educate the public

If you want to find one in your area go to:

Rated S Accessorize: Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer fashion

By: Ms. J

There are many ways that you can support Breast Cancer. You can donate, volunteer, or educate the masses to name a few. Whether big or small the support counts and saves lives. Wearing pink in support of breast cancer is not a trend or a fad, but rather it is a lifestyle. It shows that you are aware of this epidemic that largely plagues the female population and you have made the decision to join a community of people who are fighting against it. When you wear pink in support of breast cancer, wear it proudly. You can go all out and wear head to toe pink or choose to wear accessories that show your support such as like the ones above. When accessorizing please ensure that proceeds are being donated to a breast cancer awareness foundation. This is usually indicated on the item when buying. Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

Rated S Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer


This October, RATED S is proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point.

The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early.

  • If you are a woman age 18-39, talk with your doctor about how to properly conduct a breast self exam on a monthly basis.
  • If you are a woman age 40 to 49, talk with your doctor about when to start getting mammograms and how often to get them.
  • If you are a woman age 50 to 74, be sure to get a mammogram every 2 years. You may also choose to get them more often.

Talk to a doctor about your risk for breast cancer, especially if a close family member of yours had breast or ovarian cancer. Your doctor can help you decide when and how often to get mammograms.

For more information, visit: