Rated S Accessorize: Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer fashion

By: Ms. J

There are many ways that you can support Breast Cancer. You can donate, volunteer, or educate the masses to name a few. Whether big or small the support counts and saves lives. Wearing pink in support of breast cancer is not a trend or a fad, but rather it is a lifestyle. It shows that you are aware of this epidemic that largely plagues the female population and you have made the decision to join a community of people who are fighting against it. When you wear pink in support of breast cancer, wear it proudly. You can go all out and wear head to toe pink or choose to wear accessories that show your support such as like the ones above. When accessorizing please ensure that proceeds are being donated to a breast cancer awareness foundation. This is usually indicated on the item when buying. Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

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