Love Should Not Hurt

Love Should Not Hurt


By: Ms. K

We all want that perfect love story. We want the man who would do anything for us. We want that nursery rhyme ” first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.” We want our lives to fit this perfect puzzle piece. We don’t want the bruises, the verbal insult, the fear, and the tears. The moment when you ask yourself is this LOVE? Can someone love me, but hurt me at the same time. The answer is no!

Love does not hurt, Love does not bleed, Love should not bring fear into your eyes. When a person loves you, they protect you, not hurt you constantly.


Love is Blind

by Ms. K

Love is blind

My lips are silent

It’s hard to escape his love


It can’t hide my bruises

My scars against my eye

My broken rips


Remembering when you use to rock me

The sweet flowers you sent to my job

Whispering sweet nothing in my ear


Now all I see is blood on my floor

My Black and Blue face reflecting in the cracked mirror

Seeing only mini images of my body


Hearing your deep tenor voice in the background


When you act that way

I can’t control my anger

I do it because I love you


Is this LOVE?

Are my bruises from love?

As my body shacking from fear

Is this love?


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