Super Bowl XLIX ‎#‎SB49‬

Super Bowl XLIX


By: Ms. K

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! People are gearing up for the big game tonight at 6:30 pm. It does not matter if you’re a New England Patriot fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan its a tradition to gear up and watch the game, commercials, and the anticipated half time show.

This year one the commercial appearing is from the NOMORE.ORG they will be bringing awareness to Domestic Violence and sexual assault. I’m against any form of violence and sexual assault. No body deserve to be a victim. All lives matter! The commercial will appear in the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

“We hope this No More PSA will bring Americans together — on a day families and friends spend together — in the effort to end domestic violence and sexual assault,” No More Director Virginia Witt tell Rolling Stone read more on their website:

Read more:

Let us know what you think of the commercial. Make sure to visit NOMORE.ORG to learn more and pledge to say #NOMORE

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