International Women’s Day #IWD

International Women’s Day


By: Ms. K

Today is International Women’s Day!  Being a woman, we carry so much on our shoulders yet we always strive for excellence, by breaking boundaries and reaching higher limits.

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Prissy Sweet Cake Treats

Prissy Sweet Cake Treats


By: Ms. K

I already had the pleasure of interview Shetora Edlin an amazing friend, mother, and cook. Shetora started her own bakery company “Prissy Sweet Cake Treats” in the Washington, DC metro area. Her motivation for starting her own business she grew tired of the “routine”…get up, get ready for work, put in her 8 hours doing something I was less than passionate about, going home and doing it all again the next day.  To me, that life is like dying a slow agonizing death!  There is more to life than working and since I have to earn a living, I might as well do it by doing something I love and am in control of…  I want to leave my daughter her own empire!” Her motivation behind the name of her company “I like for people to see me in whatever project I attach my name to and since my business was going to be cupcakes (started out as just cupcakes in the idea phase), they’d have to be the prettiest, girlish, daintiest cupcakes anyone has ever come across…Prissy Sweet Cake Treats would be where pretty & tasty meet!” For the full interview on Shetora Edlin you can read about her strengths, influence, weakness, her drive, and who is Shetora besides being an owner of “Prissy Sweet Cake Treats”

Contact information:

Her website is:

Location: Washington, DC metro area

Instagram: prissysweetcake

Facebook: Prissysweetcake Treats

Don’t forget to vote for Prissy Sweet Cake loves! “How to vote: In order to vote for Prissy Sweet Cake, you have to click the link in the bio and then click on the “vote for this business” button. Post likes dont equal votes. You can vote once a day from from ALL 3 networks; Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram each!!!!” Voting ends 3/17



By:Ms. K

Today is National Wear Red Day! Did you know that heart disease and stroke kills 1 in  3 woman every year? Wearing red bringing awareness to this problem. Make sure you wear red today and help bring awareness.

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Super Bowl XLIX ‎#‎SB49‬

Super Bowl XLIX


By: Ms. K

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! People are gearing up for the big game tonight at 6:30 pm. It does not matter if you’re a New England Patriot fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan its a tradition to gear up and watch the game, commercials, and the anticipated half time show.

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New Year = Revamp, Re-purpose and Reuse

By: Ms. J

The start of a new year is always a thrilling adventure for me. It symbolizes a fresh start, new goals and many accomplishments to come. Although, many would say that the same can be said for a new day, week or month; there is something special about the start of a new year that spurs many to do the most. I myself, will admit that I fall under that category considering that i chopped off all my hair as one of those fresh start initiatives, with plans to tackle my wardrobe next.

Lately, I have been been considering adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Living a minimalist lifestyle can mean different things for each person. For some, it could mean reducing clutter and living with only a few essential items. For me, it means limiting my consumption of goods and to instead revamp, re-purpose and reuse the items I have already. Thinking about creating a minimalist wardrobe by using what I have feels like a daunting task, however with a good plan in place i hope to be able to achieve this lifestyle.

DIY Vision Board

DIY Vision Board

20131215_232653 Instagram: @rateds4s Twitter: @rateds4s

By: Ms. K

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! Last year my cousin (Ms. J on the website) and I created vision boards to outline our goals and aspirations for 2014. It was a fun girls night with homemade pizza and wine. It was our first time creating vision boards and we wanted to have fun but also making sure we outline our clear goals for 2014. Here is a few steps you can follow to create your vision boards for 2015….

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