The Veil Behind the Mask

The Veil Behind the Mask


By: Ms. K

      A woman’s choice is a woman’s right. The decision to control one’s body should be their choice, but what happens when does decisions affects another life. When the decision affects an unborn child? Does it become a debate of who has a voice? A woman has a choice, the government has the law, but the baby is silent. It becomes a battlefield between pro-life and pro-choice. It’s not an easy decision that anyone woman can make, it might be filled with mixed emotions: regrets, sorrow, confusion, relief, and joy. Who’s right, and who’s wrong? Where does the line get drawn between having the ability to choose, and having the ability to take a life? It’s been forty years since Roe v. Wade, but the debate still remains between pro-choice and pro- life. Where does the line get drawn for a woman’s right?  Continue reading “The Veil Behind the Mask”

O No I am Having a Girl!

O No I am Having a Girl!



            Your having a girl, four-letter word some women around the world don’t want to hear. Having a girl in a society that does not respect or value a daughter as much as they value having a son.  The vast reality of “Gendercide” exists and innocent girls are losing their lives each and everyday because they are not valued. Where is their presence? Where is their respect? The “Gendercide Awareness Project” is one organization that wants to bring awareness to this epidemic around the world. While it might seem like women in the U.S. are earning new levels of recognition, around the world women are still losing their lives.  An awareness of their struggle needs to be heard to save female lives.

The “Gendercide Awareness Project” wants to bring awareness to the innocent lives of girls being eliminated each and everyday because they are not seen as valued individuals internationally. “Gendercide Awareness Project” (2013) states  “Gendercide is the silent elimination of females in certain parts of the world through selective abortion, infanticide, severe malnutrition and medical neglect.” Being target because of their gender is inhuman, not being taken serious or valued because they were born a girl is wrong. Girls are being seen as trash, and worthless not only in society perspective, but also within their own families. Continue reading “O No I am Having a Girl!”