Black History Month Starts Today

Black  History  Month

By: Ms. K

Today starts black history month! it’s the time celebrate the struggles, and victories our ancestors went through.  It’s a constant battle to over come diversity, being typecast not by your character but by the color of your skin.

We want to show that as a community we are influence by positive  people. As women we want to acknowledge all the African American women who open the door ways, and made a difference to enhance our growth. We are nothing without our history, we are nothing if we can’t continue to strive and make a difference. Helping one person, we can make a difference.
For the month of February we will be spotlighting African American Women who has made a difference.

Black Woman

Where is my freedom
Where is my power
Where is my liberation
As we break every chain
Not trying to struggle
Not trying to become a statistic
A level of power strive within me
My lips can’t be trap from society lies
As we raise our voice
I hear the chain falling
I see our unity straighten
I know we will strive for excellence
The texture of my hair does not trap me
My life goes beyond my outer appearance
I am not the expectation of my skin color
We are so much more beyond our skin
We express our selves from our glory
Our strive for greatness move us
Don’t need to be disrespected
Don’t need to be forgotten
Don’t let my looks define me
I am a strong woman
I am a strong black woman
My history helps define my roots
But my journey is define by my actions
Define by my pride
Define by my struggle
Define by my strength
Define by my aspiration for excellence
I am happy I had strong black women role model’s
I am proud of my mother
I am proud of my grandmother
I am proud of my sisters and cousins
I am proud for all the black women who opened different door ways for me
Who am I
I am a woman of color
I am a strong because of all the women who came before me
I will remain strong to continue their journey
I won’t stop being strong
Because my roots is rich with women who strive to break barriers
I am a black woman!