Rated S Sophisticated Diva:Madiha Bhatti


Madiha Bhatti


By: Ms.K

Meet our Sophisticated Diva Madiha Bhatti. Madiha Bhatti is an English and Biology major. She is majoring in Women’s and Gender study. She wants a career in medicine focus on in women’s health.

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Rated S Sophisticate Diva: Dr. Iqbal Al-Assaad


By: Ms. J

Meet our sophisticated diva of the week, Dr. Iqbal Al-Assaad. Dr. Al-Assaad is the Guinness Book of World Records youngest doctor at the tender age of 20.

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Dr. Gao Yaoije aka The AIDS Granny


By: Ms. J

Our Sophisticated Diva of the week is Dr. Gao Yaoije. Dr. Yaoije is a Chinese gynecologist and AIDS activist from the Zhengzhou, Henan province, China.


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