What is Intimacy?

What is Intimacy?


By: Ms. K

What is Intimacy? Different people view intimacy differently. One can view intimacy as a bonding, sharing, becoming intertwine with one person. It can also be seen as a sexual relationship between two people. I’m going on a journey to discover intimacy. Continue reading “What is Intimacy?”

L.O.V.E. Series (Part 4)


I can’t keep lying anymore. My past mistake hunts me each and everyday especially since I cheated on my ex. I never told Tyrone the truth. I don’t even believe in cheating but I messed up. I need to rewind because for me to find love I need to find peace of my past mistake.

I loved Tyrone with all my heart even with his verbal abuse, he had a caring side, but he was unfaithful through sex texting, going on other dates, and I believe sleeping with other women. No real proof just a message found on his computer from another girl. Did I trust him no! Did I love him yes! But I was conflicted inside, trying to do everything to make it work. Continue reading “L.O.V.E. Series (Part 4)”