overtown festival

By: Ms. J

We are officially one month into summer but yet it feels like it’s almost ending. Ok I am assuming for you Northerners, since here in the South (Florida) we get 365 days of sun. Sooooo…’s your money flowing? Not to get in your business, but if you are having issues with spending have you considered other alternatives to enjoying your summer without breaking the bank?

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Fitting Room Dilemma

Fitting Room Dilemma



By: Ms. K


I had to check myself! Trying on clothes in the fitting room turned into a mental breakdown of accepting my body for where it’s at on my fitness journey.


I am only human, and even though I BELIEVE in being positive does not mean I am not my worst enemy. Looking for a new bathing suit became a battlefield, and while I am not confident to rock a two-piece, I was looking for a fabulous one- piece bathing suit. Walking around the store on Saturday was suppose to be more enjoyable, and while I live in South Florida does not mean I am going to find the perfect bathing suit. I was on my way to South Beach to hang out with my cousin and her friends “under the sun”.

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Somy Ali

Somy Ali

By : Ms. Jo

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.”~ Tenzin Gyasto, The 14th Dalai Lama

Our Sophisticated Diva this week is a young Woman by the name of Somy Ali. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, this actress, model, Human rights advocate, free lance journalist and documentary film maker goes unheard of by many but continues to work relentlessly to help shed light as well as help domestic violence victims through direct services and influential policy.


On March 25th Somy Ali was born and raised in Karachi until the tender age of seven. Then was moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Start a new life with her mother and younger brother. In 1992, at the age of 16 Somy relocated to Mumbai, India to purse modeling as well as becoming an actress in Hindi films. In 1999 Somy moved back to America and obtain a Bachelors degree in psychology, graduated with a degree in film making and also obtained a degree in broadcast journalism. She completed three short films on Abortion, teenage suicide and Domestic Violence.

Ms. Ali is the founder and president of a nonprofit organization by the name of No more tears’ which mission is to empower people to live safe, hopeful and happy lives. But more so aids to help immigrant women who suffer from domestic violence and abuse.


  • Somy was one of ten to be honored by L’Oreal women at the 2013 ceremony
  • Somy also received five awards for efforts of supporting human rights
  • Played the lead in 10 Bollywood movies and had done several commercials
  • Has seven printed publications in south Florida and interviewed by nine television networks
  • She speaks English, Urdu (Pakistan), Hindi (India)




To learn More about Somy Ali and the No More Tears Project. To Make a Pledge and Save a Life Click the link below