Clean Eating


By: Ms. K

I officially started my clean eating April 1. The last time I failed within the first 24 hours of trying to enter a new phases of transforming my body. I’m more motivated this time not to fail my program. Do I believe its going to be easy “NO”, but my trainer remind me he will help keep me motivated.

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What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?


 By: Ms. K

             I had a brilliant idea to start a 21-day clean eating detox program, but I didn’t plan this detox program properly. I am trying to improve my own intake of food. I don’t believe in diets simply because I want to change my lifestyle for the better. I don’t want short-term goals, or short terms improvement while I still lack the proper nutrition of eating right. So I don’t diet, but I am trying to increase my intake of veggies and fruits. I already cut out sugar and salt. I don’t drink juice, or soda minus my occasional ginger al, but I do drink water, tea, and almond milk. Continue reading “What was I thinking?”