Unacknowledged Love

Unacknowledged Love

I am Ms. K a superwoman

I love writing! Unacknowledged Love is a short story about a woman who falls for her friend who is already in a relationship. She never noticed him before it was too late. Now she needs to discover what to do before she lose her mind and her friendship. She does not want to lose him but she also can’t have him. Making her love unacknowledged. 

By: Ms. K (Kricel  Francis)


It is hard to imagine a life without a good thing, that person that can make your heart skip a beat and flutter when you hear his voice, the feeling of his skin touching yours. That moment when you know that life without him would be incomplete, but you’re willing to have that moment because I know it would last a lifetime. He is my forbidden Continue reading “Unacknowledged Love”

Summer Bliss Cover

Summer Bliss Cover

By: Ms. K

Last week I needed everyones help to assist me in deciding between two different layouts for my first ebook cover and today I am happy to reveal my choice.

Just in case you forgot it was between these two:

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Playing House Without the Ring

Playing House Without the Ring


By: Ms. K



I recently had a conversation with one of my cousin about when is it the right time to help get a car with your boyfriend (meaning you are financing his car) and putting him on your insurance. While I will admit I played house without having a ring, from cooking, having joint bank accounts, credit cards, and other things. I would never recommend anyone to do that without having a title. It’s a personal decision, but while your doing wife duties you are not his wife, as my father would say “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.”

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L.O.V.E. Series (Part 4)


I can’t keep lying anymore. My past mistake hunts me each and everyday especially since I cheated on my ex. I never told Tyrone the truth. I don’t even believe in cheating but I messed up. I need to rewind because for me to find love I need to find peace of my past mistake.

I loved Tyrone with all my heart even with his verbal abuse, he had a caring side, but he was unfaithful through sex texting, going on other dates, and I believe sleeping with other women. No real proof just a message found on his computer from another girl. Did I trust him no! Did I love him yes! But I was conflicted inside, trying to do everything to make it work. Continue reading “L.O.V.E. Series (Part 4)”

L.O.V.E Series (Part Two)


(I want to make this clear that the L.O.V.E series is a frictional story, but  the content in this post was based on my real life.)

I don’t want to get hurt again! The fear of letting someone in my heart scares me so much. I feel so much pain from my last love that lingers in my mind. It hunts me because I stayed so long when it was so dysfunctional from the beginning:

Him: U fuckin bitch
Me: I’m not
Him: Give me ya mom number
Him: Yo if u was here rite now I would slap da shit outta u

I am scared of my judgment of men. I am scared I always fall for the jerks and the assholes. Constantly being seen as an option, never valued as being the one. I can see flashbacks of how much in love I was, and how I would stay when he would verbally abuse me. Feeling it was my fault, that I deserve that because I would make him angry. I rather not feel anything then feel everything all at once. I DON’T THINK I CAN HANDLE IT AGAIN SO QUICKLY.

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Wrong Side of Love

Wrong Side of Love

By: Ms. K

When you loved

When every part of your soul becomes lost

Listening to his voice as I lay on his chest

I can remember it like it was yesterday

I can still hear his heart beat

I can still see his smile

But now I carry this scar on my chest

My heart does not beat romantic melodies

My heart has turned to a shallow hole

I would have made the perfect wife

I been that girl that loved so hard

But my love was an easy sacrifice

I can never again laugh the same

I never again would I trust the same

I was the girl that loved foolish

I loved him with my whole heart

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