Don’t Hurt Me

Don’t Hurt Me

By: Ms. K


Love is blind

My lips are silent

It’s hard to escape his love

It can’t hide my bruises

My scars against my eye

My broken ribs

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L.O.V.E Series (Part Two)


(I want to make this clear that the L.O.V.E series is a frictional story, but  the content in this post was based on my real life.)

I don’t want to get hurt again! The fear of letting someone in my heart scares me so much. I feel so much pain from my last love that lingers in my mind. It hunts me because I stayed so long when it was so dysfunctional from the beginning:

Him: U fuckin bitch
Me: I’m not
Him: Give me ya mom number
Him: Yo if u was here rite now I would slap da shit outta u

I am scared of my judgment of men. I am scared I always fall for the jerks and the assholes. Constantly being seen as an option, never valued as being the one. I can see flashbacks of how much in love I was, and how I would stay when he would verbally abuse me. Feeling it was my fault, that I deserve that because I would make him angry. I rather not feel anything then feel everything all at once. I DON’T THINK I CAN HANDLE IT AGAIN SO QUICKLY.

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