The Veil Behind the Mask

The Veil Behind the Mask


By: Ms. K

      A woman’s choice is a woman’s right. The decision to control one’s body should be their choice, but what happens when does decisions affects another life. When the decision affects an unborn child? Does it become a debate of who has a voice? A woman has a choice, the government has the law, but the baby is silent. It becomes a battlefield between pro-life and pro-choice. It’s not an easy decision that anyone woman can make, it might be filled with mixed emotions: regrets, sorrow, confusion, relief, and joy. Who’s right, and who’s wrong? Where does the line get drawn between having the ability to choose, and having the ability to take a life? It’s been forty years since Roe v. Wade, but the debate still remains between pro-choice and pro- life. Where does the line get drawn for a woman’s right?  Continue reading “The Veil Behind the Mask”