Miami Swim Week 2014 #wcw

Miami Swim Week 2014
By: Ms.K   & Ms. J

The views expressed by Ms. J is her honest opinion of the night. The views expressed are those solely of Ms. K, viewpoint of the show with no favoritism or bias of any kind. I believe in empowering all women. 

Ms. J says:

Ready, Set, Swim was my first fashion show in Miami and I must say that overall it was an enlightening and interesting experience. First off, the event stated

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overtown festival

By: Ms. J

We are officially one month into summer but yet it feels like it’s almost ending. Ok I am assuming for you Northerners, since here in the South (Florida) we get 365 days of sun. Sooooo…’s your money flowing? Not to get in your business, but if you are having issues with spending have you considered other alternatives to enjoying your summer without breaking the bank?

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Summer Financing

summer money

By: Ms. J

It is almost that time of year (besides Black Friday and the Christmas season) where money starts to flow. Summer time is the time when trips are taken with family and friends and everyone is out after a winter of being cooped up in the house. Technically, gearing up for summer requires advance planning and saving; however if you are like me and didn’t think about it until the last minute or procrastinated then you have about a month and a half to get ready.

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Weight Loss Journey

Throw Back Thursday #tbt

By: Ms.K

I can’t believe its about  to be a year since I decided to lose weight. I am not going to lie my journey has its ups and downs, a level of frustration, losing site of my ultimate goal, moments where I wanted to just quite this fitness challenge. I started this journey not become a certain size or a certain weight. I started this journey to change my life. I will give you the full story  March 1, 2014 the official one year anniversary of my journey.

Looking back on all of this I see my body transforming into something different. I am not at the perfect size, I have so many more layers to go before I am at the fitness level I believe is comfortable. Last week I sign up for my first 5k. Over the last 11 months I am slowly witness the transformation of my body. My ultimate goal is to complete a half marathon, and take part in various athletic activities I could not do before because of my weight.

I am developing a level of confidence I never had before. A new level of self love for my body at any size, because I love my skin more and more each day I push it to the limits.

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