Super Bowl XLIX ‎#‎SB49‬

Super Bowl XLIX


By: Ms. K

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! People are gearing up for the big game tonight at 6:30 pm. It does not matter if you’re a New England Patriot fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan its a tradition to gear up and watch the game, commercials, and the anticipated half time show.

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Love Should Not Hurt

Love Should Not Hurt


By: Ms. K

We all want that perfect love story. We want the man who would do anything for us. We want that nursery rhyme ” first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage.” We want our lives to fit this perfect puzzle piece. We don’t want the bruises, the verbal insult, the fear, and the tears. The moment when you ask yourself is this LOVE? Can someone love me, but hurt me at the same time. The answer is no!

Love does not hurt, Love does not bleed, Love should not bring fear into your eyes. When a person loves you, they protect you, not hurt you constantly.

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#jadapose: #IamJada



By: Ms.K

 Rape is no joke, being a victim should not create a hashtag like it’s an everyday lifestyle. No one should be degraded then have to witness the aftermath unfold via the web. Not only was her rape viral with photos and video,but a hashtag was created to continue mocking the incident and her pose.

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No More


By: Ms. K

This week was the launch of the “NO MORE” March 17-21, 2014 a weeklong awareness initiative focused on domestic violence and sexual assault.

Help them spread the NO MORE message to all 50 states by participating in the #NOMOREweek photo challenge.  Make sure to share why you are saying NO MORE.

They only need 13 more states to join in them to reach their goal of reaching all the states in the United States. Are you saying NO MORE in #Vermont, #Missipppi, #Nevada, #NorthDakota, #SouthDakota, #Montana, #Idaho, #Louisiana, #Arkansas, #Wisconsin, #Maryland, #Iowa, and #WestVirginia?

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