Fighting Breast Cancer with Fitness

Fighting Breast Cancer with Fitness


By: Ms.K

 October is the annual awareness for breast cancer, but its an everyday task for women to remain healthy and aware of their body.  Its never easy being sick and trying to remain healthy, buts its essential. Having breast cancer means fighting everyday for your life. Being healthy is also a constant battle.

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Shertora Edlin

Shertora Edlin


By: Ms. K

Our #WCW for this week is Shertora Edlin one of my college friends from University of Maryland: Eastern Shore, she started her own bakery company “Prissy Sweet Cake Treats” in the Washington, DC metro area.  I meet this amazing woman as my suitemate sophomore year in college, and I have witnessed her growth into a phenomenal woman. She defines a superwoman because of her drive, passion, and motivation to achieve.


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