Recipes Edition

Recipes Edition

Grill Plantain, no oil needed and they taste so good

By: Ms. K &Mr. C

Eating healthy is a key factor to weight loss. We all know that 80/20 rule  it goes the same  with fitness as well. 80 percent of the weight loss comes with what you eat. While 20 percent comes from  working out .   I don’t believe anyone needs to be on a diet. I say that because diets are short term satisfaction no one wants to be on a diet for the rest of their lives. Instead I believe in moderation, and the reason most people gain back  weight after weight loss is because they were on a diet plan, meaning they never fully understood how to regulate their own eating habits.  Continue reading “Recipes Edition”

All White Everything….

white outfits

By: Ms. J

If you are not into the pastel colors but want a spring look, try the fresh and clean all white trend. Now I must admit that this trend is not for me because I am a messy girl. I am sure that before I make it out the house, a spot will appear on my all white attire. If you are like me, then it is best to ease into this trend with off white, creams, seashell, beige, champagne, vanilla and ecru. Or you can be bold and rock an all white attire, either way look fabulous.


What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?


 By: Ms. K

             I had a brilliant idea to start a 21-day clean eating detox program, but I didn’t plan this detox program properly. I am trying to improve my own intake of food. I don’t believe in diets simply because I want to change my lifestyle for the better. I don’t want short-term goals, or short terms improvement while I still lack the proper nutrition of eating right. So I don’t diet, but I am trying to increase my intake of veggies and fruits. I already cut out sugar and salt. I don’t drink juice, or soda minus my occasional ginger al, but I do drink water, tea, and almond milk. Continue reading “What was I thinking?”

Shoe Knowledge: d’Orsay Style of Shoe


By: Ms. J

A d’Orsay style woman’s shoe is where the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are open, revealing the arch of the foot. Would you believe that this shoe design was originally made for men? It was named after 19th century artist Count Alfred d’Orsay, who wanted a shoe to accommodate his wide feet. He then requested for the sides of his shoes to be cut down, which is now used for women’s shoes today. This style of shoe is a classic shoe that can be worn with anything. Not only are these classically made in pumps, but they are now made in flats.

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Let’s Move


By: Ms. K

   The scale does not lie, it reflect a number that shows how much a person weighs. Each and everyday people step on the scale and slowly become overwhelmed by the weight that is reflected on the screen. In society that has an overwhelming concern with obesity, it’s hard to find acceptance for loving one self without a negative reaction if it’s not an ideal body shape. “Let’s Move” is a campaign that First Lady Michelle Obama started in 2010 aim to develop a healthy lifestyle for children. The overall goal for the campaign is to change a child’s life, and realize it takes all factors involved for it to happen. Loving oneself is the major key for happiness.

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Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

By: Ms. K


I am not going to lie my journey has not been easy.  I didn’t enter this fitness journey for shallow goals to become skinny. I enter this journey to change my life and one day become a mother . Every year, since I gained over 267 lbs, I would promise this year I will lose the weight, and every year I never fully dedicated myself to putting in the work. I WANTED FAST RESULTS, but didn’t want to put in the hard work.

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O No I am in Pain

O No I am in Pain


By: Ms.K 

            No Pain No Gain! I mutter those words yesterday when I was working out after already hurting my hip and legs from my leg day workout. While I am about pushing my body to new limits I am not about hurting my body. Yesterday was upper body training so I pushed through the run with my hip hurting, and told myself “I am taking it light today” while knowing maybe I should have taken a day off. While I push my body I know my body was hurting, but I didn’t want to stop. Continue reading “O No I am in Pain”

Rated S One Month Anniversary

Rated S One Month Anniversary 

By: Ms. K & J


We just want to say Thank You to all our followers, and people who come to our blog. We really appreciate all the love and support not only from our friends, family, classmates, co-workers, but also new followers. As we look back on our first month of articles we posted please leave suggestions or ideas you would want to hear or see on our blog.  We want to hear from you please provide positive feedback of what you like and dislike, because we want to make sure we are catering to all women. 

Like I love You!

Like I love You!


By : Ms. K

Hey my Lovely Rated S,

I am a romantic person at heart but since I am single this year, and I will not be receiving a bucket of flowers, a box of candy or any lovely suggestions even though I did get a v-day text this morning. I want to start my day by working out because loving me takes 365 days commitment. Plus its All Star Weekend, the only gift I want are tickets to the game maybe next year:)

I am going to give some Valentines Day suggestions for my lovely readers. I doesn’t matter if your single, dating, or in a new relationship or a season couple.

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