Sophisticated Divas: Business Owners


Sophisticated Divas: Business Owners


By: Ms. K



Starting a business takes dedication, passion, and determination to succeed. This week is National Small Business as we mention yesterday in our “successful & savvy” post.  In  honor of that we will be spotlighting three amazing women who showcase their business to succeed.

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Credit Check


By: Ms. J

Are you looking to make a big purchase this year? Do you want to buy a car, home or start a sole proprietorship? Congrats on your decision, but have you checked your credit report?

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National Financial Capability Month


 By: Ms. J

April is National Financial Capability Month. Proclaimed in 2012 by President Obama, he wanted to address the issue of American financial capability and debt. “During National Financial Capability Month, we recommit to ensuring everyone has access to the information and tools that empower them to operate safely and smartly in the marketplace.” (Obama, 2012). In order for the economy to strengthen, the people must be financially stable and secure. Take time to review your financial status and take ownership of it by becoming responsible for your past and present financial behavior.

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Tax Returns

tax money

By: Ms. J

If you haven’t processed your tax returns then you have 7 more days to go. Tuesday April 15, 2014 is the IRS tax filing deadline. I hope you have had a moment to reflect on my previous post (Tax Season), which gave important information about the tax process. Some of you may or may not have received your refund check, if you have I hoped you used it wisely and if not here are some thoughts about it.


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Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

j sunnies j eyes

By: Ms. J

It’s a new month, with new issues that women should be aware of. One of which is Eye Health. Often times as women, we have to take care of the household, significant other, family, friends and more that we often forget ourselves. It is important to remember yourself because if you don’t, no one will until it’s too late. Skipping appointments or not conducting annual checkups increases our risks of suffering from diseases that can easily be treated if caught in the early stages.


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Can you AFFORD it?


By: Ms. J

Every so often, if not every day, many have to wonder about whether they can afford to make some purchases in their life that they need or want. This can range from buying essentials such as food or splurges such as diamond earrings. I know I have fallen in both spectrums at certain points in my life whether it is because I put myself there with bad spending habits or I simply at that point was not making enough money to pay for it all.


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Donating on a Tight Budget


By: Ms. J

Donations and Budgets might not seem as if they fall in the same sentence, however with pre-planning you can be as charitable as you can afford to be. Meaning, that regardless of how much money you make, if you have the will to donate then you can. There are many ways to donate some are:

1. Creating a fixed percentage out of your monthly salary to donate

2. Spacing out your donations over the course of the year such as weekly, monthly, quarterly etc Continue reading “Donating on a Tight Budget”

Healthy Eating on a Budgets


By: Ms. J

Most people seem to consider eating healthy as difficult for many reasons. One of the main reasons people do not eat healthy is that they consider it to be expensive. The price of healthy options such as fruits, vegetables and juices versus junk food such as burgers, snacks and sodas create a disadvantage to those who are on a tight budget or low income. Here are some tips and tricks for lowering the cost of eating healthy.

  • Shop at your local supermarkets and farmers markets
  • Use the flyers to tell you what is on sale
  • Shop for fruits and vegetables in season
  • Make a list of everything you need for the weeks ahead before your next trip
  • Slice, dice, Ziploc and freeze fruits and veggies to preserve and reduce prep time
  • Cook more at home versus eating out
  • Reduce portion size of food and increase water intake
  • Reduce your intake on meat /chicken once a week by making a meatless dinner or lunch Continue reading “Healthy Eating on a Budgets”

Rated S One Month Anniversary

Rated S One Month Anniversary 

By: Ms. K & J


We just want to say Thank You to all our followers, and people who come to our blog. We really appreciate all the love and support not only from our friends, family, classmates, co-workers, but also new followers. As we look back on our first month of articles we posted please leave suggestions or ideas you would want to hear or see on our blog.  We want to hear from you please provide positive feedback of what you like and dislike, because we want to make sure we are catering to all women.