Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer


By: Ms. K

 Marissa Mayer is our Sophisticated Diva because of her aspiration for greatness. Mayer is currently the CEO of Yahoo since July 2012. She was ranked 32 in 2013 in the Forbes Magazine’s List of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.  Continue reading “Marissa Mayer”

All-Inclusive or Not?

all inclusive

By: Ms. J

This trip to Cancun, Mexico was my first all-inclusive resort trip and I must say it did not live up to my expectations; however that was mostly due to my fault.

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Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls #3

Rated S took part in Bring Back Our Girls

By: Ms. K

Saturday May 17, 2014 was a special day for my not only was it my birthday, but I also was able to take part in the rally to bring back our girls. Over 230 Girls were kidnapped in North East Nigeria on April 15, 2014 . The girls are between the ages of 12 & 17 years old. They were abducted from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria.  “Bring back our girls” has finally become world news and government leaders are finally stepping in to make a difference. Even though it took some time for this important issue to get world recognition it is important for these girls to know they are important.

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Sophisticated Divas: Business Owners


Sophisticated Divas: Business Owners


By: Ms. K



Starting a business takes dedication, passion, and determination to succeed. This week is National Small Business as we mention yesterday in our “successful & savvy” post.  In  honor of that we will be spotlighting three amazing women who showcase their business to succeed.

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National Small Business Week

small business week

By: Ms. J

“In his proclamation declaring May 12-16 as National Small Business Week, President Barack Obama called small businesses “the lifeblood of our economy, employing half of our country’s workforce and creating nearly two out of every three new American jobs.” (CNBC).

Hosted in select cities each year, the SBA uses this opportunity as a forum to foster and assist small businesses around the U.S. This year, San Francisco, Kansas City, Boston and Washington D.C. were the top cities chosen to host this year’s events. If you happen to reside in or close to one of these cities, take a moment to attend, learn and use the knowledge the government is offering to further your business opportunity.


Protective Styling

By: Ms. J

Summer is nearly upon us and this is usually the time many women want to leave their hair out. While it is always nice to have your hair out, remember that too much of a good thing is bad for you. Just as we try to protect our hair in the winter the same should be said for the summer whether your natural, relaxed, short or long.

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Sophisticated Divas: Teachers


By: Ms. J

Our Sophisticated Diva(s) of the week are the amazing teachers who work day in and out to give our students the best education possible. Take this time to appreciate the teachers who are working with your kids.

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Summer Financing

summer money

By: Ms. J

It is almost that time of year (besides Black Friday and the Christmas season) where money starts to flow. Summer time is the time when trips are taken with family and friends and everyone is out after a winter of being cooped up in the house. Technically, gearing up for summer requires advance planning and saving; however if you are like me and didn’t think about it until the last minute or procrastinated then you have about a month and a half to get ready.

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Credit Check


By: Ms. J

Are you looking to make a big purchase this year? Do you want to buy a car, home or start a sole proprietorship? Congrats on your decision, but have you checked your credit report?

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National Financial Capability Month


 By: Ms. J

April is National Financial Capability Month. Proclaimed in 2012 by President Obama, he wanted to address the issue of American financial capability and debt. “During National Financial Capability Month, we recommit to ensuring everyone has access to the information and tools that empower them to operate safely and smartly in the marketplace.” (Obama, 2012). In order for the economy to strengthen, the people must be financially stable and secure. Take time to review your financial status and take ownership of it by becoming responsible for your past and present financial behavior.

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