Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Wolves in Sheep Clothing

 wolves in sheep's clothingBy: Ms. K

Men at times can act like wolves in sheep clothing. They show their innocent, caring, compassionate side, but under it all is a wolf waiting to appear. I’m not going to lie I am not a round the way (girl) woman, someone who has dated more then one hand. My longest relationship was almost 6 years. I am now 28 years old and have been single for a year and a half now. I might not have a strong dating past, but I have seen and learn many things along the way.

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Unacknowledged Love

Unacknowledged Love

I am Ms. K a superwoman

I love writing! Unacknowledged Love is a short story about a woman who falls for her friend who is already in a relationship. She never noticed him before it was too late. Now she needs to discover what to do before she lose her mind and her friendship. She does not want to lose him but she also can’t have him. Making her love unacknowledged. 

By: Ms. K (Kricel  Francis)


It is hard to imagine a life without a good thing, that person that can make your heart skip a beat and flutter when you hear his voice, the feeling of his skin touching yours. That moment when you know that life without him would be incomplete, but you’re willing to have that moment because I know it would last a lifetime. He is my forbidden Continue reading “Unacknowledged Love”