Work Wear Fashion Ideas

work wear ideas

By: Ms. J

Most women feel that there are not many options available to wear to work, however I believe it more has to do with expanding your imagination to see what can and cannot be an option for work. You can be fashion forward yet appropriately dressed; here are some items to choose from. You can incorporate color in your accessories such as your shoes if not in your dress.

These dresses can be worn for many different body types, choose the one that fits you correctly not the one you think is the cutest. Just because it looks cute doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look cute on you. The least likely option might fit you the best. Try on various items and silhouettes, take pictures of the outcome and see which looks the best. If necessary have two of your closest, but honest friends to give you feedback on each picture.



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By: Ms. K
Wrapping his hands over my eyes
Whispering into my ears
Slowly trying to tell him my secret

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Spring 2014 Pastel Fashion

Spring 2014 Pastel Fashion

By: Ms. J

Yay to spring, warm weather, flowers blooming and the shedding of the hum drum winter clothing. I hoped by this time you have been able to tackle the spring cleaning of your wardrobe (prior post), in order to make room for new pieces to add to your collection. Fashionistas’ everywhere are praising pastels as the new “It” fashion trend of the season; but for me spring and pastels are always synonymous with each other. Pastels provide the perfect transition into summer; but many have yet to master the transition between winter and spring.


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Beauty and Nutrition


By: Ms. J

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and be attractive to certain people, but it’s almost important to recognize that you don’t owe thinness or beauty to anyone. That isn’t your job. It isn’t some rent you pay for being female. You don’t exist for other people’s viewing pleasure. You have so much more to offer the world than how you look.”

-Daniell Koepke

Along with being Women’s Month, March is also Nutrition Awareness Month. Your health as a woman is vital to yourself, your family and your country. Although society’s trend these days is to perpetuate and enforce the “skinny” trend amongst women; women need to understand that we are all created differently for a reason. How do you define beauty? Do you define it by a scale number? Do you define it by what size you wear? If you have answered yes to either of the last questions then STOP!

Remember the old adage, you are what you eat?

Beauty is within. What you put in, is what you will show to the world, thus it is important to eat healthy. Managing your health for the sake of being healthy, rather than being skinny creates a positive effect on your life. Some effects such as reducing diseases, reducing wrinkles, boosting brain power, and living longer are attributable to eating healthy. The most important effect of them all is the healthy glow that exudes from inside. This glow is beauty and it will shine bright with every move you make.

Take time this month to stop worrying about your size and try to focus on your nutritious intake. Incorporate some healthy dishes in your routine, whether it is Meatless Mondays, Turkey Tuesdays, Fish Fridays etc. Every step in the right direction is a step to making an overall change in your nutrition; time and dedication to improving your health through eating healthy and exercise will make you feel beautiful and attractive because you know that you are maintaining yourself for yourself and not for society.

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Edition

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Edition

By: Ms. J

Spring is almost here! Most people take this time to clean their homes. This yearly act of cleaning your home from top to bottom allows you to refresh, de-clutter and repair any and all areas of your home. Most people are so focused on the areas that visitors see upon entering their home, that they forget cleaning their closets. If they are not cleaning their closets, it is most likely that everything gets dumped and/or forgotten there. Before spring officially begins, let us refresh and lighten our closets and wardrobes. This can get ugly, so do not try to overwork yourself by completing all of your closets in a day. It would be best to work on them one at a time.

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Evolution of Fashion

Evolution of Fashion

By: Ms. J

The evolution of fashion in the black community has provided a diverse way for many to express themselves, their ideas and beliefs.  As the month of February winds down, I’d like to take this time to honor a woman who made a major fashion contribution to African American history.

Ever wondered who was the first black fashion designer?

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A Traveling Fashionista

A Traveling Fashionista


By: Ms. J

I had the pleasure of traveling home to New York City for the weekend the other day with only a tote bag. I felt like a celebrity because usually when you see pictures of them, they only have a cute little purse and never any luggage. I was able to have this mini celeb moment in the middle of winter because I have way too many clothes still at home in NY, although I live in Florida. The majority of people who travel are not so fortunate; therefore with the impending travel season upon us, let us figure out how to travel fashionable but light. Continue reading “A Traveling Fashionista”

Lingerie Loving

Lingerie Loving

By: Ms. J

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Some people hate, love or don’t care about it; but either way millions will spend millions on showing their loved ones how much they care on this special day. Whether you are single, dating or taken you should take a moment to spend some time on yourself.


3 ways to start off are:

1. Take a moment of silence to reflect on your current relationship status and whether you are happy with it or not.

2. Pamper thy self. This can be an all out spa retreat or simply getting a mani-pedi. Looking good = feeling good.

3. Treat yourself to some lingerie.

When I speak of lingerie, most automatically assume the kinkiest, most erotic item they can think of; however this is not the case. When choosing and wearing lingerie, one should be comfortable with whatever they choose. If you are not comfortable it shows to whomever you are presenting it too. The discomfort kills the vibe and your presentation. This could mean that you might not go for the teddy on the first round but maybe a silk slip. Whatever you wear have confidence in the fact that you look good and you own it.

My ideal lingerie loving is a matching cami and bikini set in silk or lace; whether I am with my man or alone. And of course I cannot forget my glass of pinot grigio to sip on as I relax and unwind.



Name your lingerie lovingfavorite….

Happy Valentines!!


Building Your Undergarment

By: Ms. J

Have you ever looked at yourself or someone else and thought that their outfit looks weird? Not weird in the sense that they were wearing a zany outfit that attracted a lot of attention; but more so it was ill fitting on them. Sometimes it is not even the outfit that makes it ill fitting but rather the undergarments that creates the shape in the clothes. In this post, we will discuss the appropriate undergarments to wear to create a clean neat look whether you are in a professional or casual setting.


1. Do invest in shape wear regardless of your body type. Shape wear is amazing for controlling bulging areas. For most women, the gut/tummy area is a source of contention, so the best way to hide/control it is to wear a high waist brief or thong panty.

shape wear

2. Do get fitted for a bra (Victoria Secrets can fit you for free).


3. If you have posture issues or would like to improve in your posture invest in a bra that can do that as well. This in particular is especially good for those with fuller breasts, which is designed to relive the tension from your neck and shoulder.


4. Do wear a sports bra when working out.

sport bra

5. Do buy different types of underwear for various clothes besides bikinis such as high cut briefs, control top briefs, thongs etc.


6. Do get hosiery. Hosiery is great for camouflaging flaws you do not want the world to see on your legs when wearing a dress or skirt. It also is great as shape wear. Finally, if you work in a corporate environment that is very traditional, hosiery completes your professional attire (at least wear it to the interview and check out the other women there to know if you will need to wear it).



1.  Don’t wear tight underwear. (This can cause hygiene issues)

wrong underwear

2. Some women have a tendency to wear a smaller bra size so that their breasts can bulge creating the illusion that they have big boobs, however, that is not cute. Furthermore, it actually causes the bra to cut into your skin, which can become infected if it’s an open wound.

bra 2

3. Don’t wear a bra that you can see in the light unless that is the look your going for. Hopefully that is when you are going out and not in a professional setting. (Yes! I have seen that before.) It is preferred to wear a skin tone colored bra.


There are many different bra and panty designs, which can be annoying to choose from, however with patience you can find the necessary undergarments to start your look off on the right path. This post is not saying that you cannot embrace your size and curves but rather keep those in mind when choosing your clothing and undergarments. In a professional setting wearing the wrong undergarment can create a distraction. We want women to be taken seriously in their profession, so when your peers focus on your attire rather what you have to say, you are less validated in the workplace.