Like I love You!

Like I love You!


By : Ms. K

Hey my Lovely Rated S,

I am a romantic person at heart but since I am single this year, and I will not be receiving a bucket of flowers, a box of candy or any lovely suggestions even though I did get a v-day text this morning. I want to start my day by working out because loving me takes 365 days commitment. Plus its All Star Weekend, the only gift I want are tickets to the game maybe next year:)

I am going to give some Valentines Day suggestions for my lovely readers. I doesn’t matter if your single, dating, or in a new relationship or a season couple.

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Wrong Side of Love

Wrong Side of Love

By: Ms. K

When you loved

When every part of your soul becomes lost

Listening to his voice as I lay on his chest

I can remember it like it was yesterday

I can still hear his heart beat

I can still see his smile

But now I carry this scar on my chest

My heart does not beat romantic melodies

My heart has turned to a shallow hole

I would have made the perfect wife

I been that girl that loved so hard

But my love was an easy sacrifice

I can never again laugh the same

I never again would I trust the same

I was the girl that loved foolish

I loved him with my whole heart

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