Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

By: Ms. K


I am not going to lie my journey has not been easy.  I didn’t enter this fitness journey for shallow goals to become skinny. I enter this journey to change my life and one day become a mother . Every year, since I gained over 267 lbs, I would promise this year I will lose the weight, and every year I never fully dedicated myself to putting in the work. I WANTED FAST RESULTS, but didn’t want to put in the hard work.

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O No I am in Pain

O No I am in Pain


By: Ms.K 

            No Pain No Gain! I mutter those words yesterday when I was working out after already hurting my hip and legs from my leg day workout. While I am about pushing my body to new limits I am not about hurting my body. Yesterday was upper body training so I pushed through the run with my hip hurting, and told myself “I am taking it light today” while knowing maybe I should have taken a day off. While I push my body I know my body was hurting, but I didn’t want to stop. Continue reading “O No I am in Pain”