Juggling Life

Juggling Life


By: Ms. K



I am not finding balance between working out, teaching, going to grad school, and now my personal life has taken an unexpected turned. I am exhausted most days. I was on track with my weight loss journey. Now I am trying to find balance again.

It takes a lot of commitment to stay focus. I am trying to refocus and reorganized my life. I went to the doctor the other day and I gained 10lbs from what I lost. I was not shock at all. I haven’t been working out instead I have been eating out more. Now I need to refocus, even if I’m changing my workout routine what you eat plays a major factor to your weight loss journey. Even though my life change this summer does not mean I need to fall of the track and lose focus.

I am just going to make a schedule. I am going to be dedicated to working out 4 days a week instead of my usual 6 days because I don’t have the time, from back to back teaching and school. I probably can make the time, but going to bed by a certain time is top priority to me as well.

Let me know if you are struggle with your workout journey.  Half the battle is having a support team.


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