overtown festival

By: Ms. J

We are officially one month into summer but yet it feels like it’s almost ending. Ok I am assuming for you Northerners, since here in the South (Florida) we get 365 days of sun. Sooooo…’s your money flowing? Not to get in your business, but if you are having issues with spending have you considered other alternatives to enjoying your summer without breaking the bank?

For most that personally know me, they would say I am a frugal spender when it is necessary (which is all the time to me). I firmly believe that you can have a rich and fulfilling life without the need to spend excessively. If you do spend then of course it should be spent on experiences and or quality items. This is why I need to limit my travel experiences but I will surely make up for it without spending much throughout the summer by finding free or low cost events. Do you need to do the same? You possibly have a couple of big ticket trips and/or events planned but do not want to stay in the house on the weekend until that event occurs. Finding free events that are actually good is the best thing ever. For instance, Rated S attended ‘Overtown’s Music and Arts Festival’ featuring Keke Wyatt, Teedra Moses, Raheem DeVaughn, Case, Sebastian Mikael and much more. It was a great showcase of talent while supporting local vendors in the area and it was FREE.

If you want to do the same check out the following places online:


2. (they also have this with other major cities)





7. Checking the local papers of your city



10. and many more…


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